Company "Tres Commas"
Room type: office
Design project, project management, and equipment: INVERSE studio
Total floor area: 72 square meters

Interior design for the VIP area of the client's office building was an interesting experience for us. The task of working on the interior design consisted of several moments, important for the client:
  • to find a place for the gift picture in the favorite turquoise color;
  • East/Asian motif in the stylistic solution;
  • zoned lighting, as well as dimmable lighting;
  • presentability;
  • functional lounge area and meeting place;
  • the comfort of a "bachelor's apartment".
As the oriental style always brings the harmony of nature and infinity, we have managed to reproduce it by means of combination of textures of stone, wood, leather, greenery and visual balance, symmetry in the interior.

We have thought everything through to the last detail:
  • wooden shutters on the windows similar to sliding doors in ancient Japan;
  • desks made of wood and glass were made in the corresponding stylistics and according to individual drawings;
  • built-in closed bar with illumination and a refrigerator;
  • a conference table with videoconferencing system;
  • glass partitions tinted in mass in graphite color with illumination;
  • racks for gift souvenirs and decor.