Тres Соmmas
Total square area: 1250 square meters
Design project, project management, and equipment: INVERSE studio

The object for the design project was a historic building in the pedestrian area that had not been used or heated for many years.

Working with such objects is always accompanied by a number of complexities and unforeseen situations. That makes it even more interesting and allows you to create something special.

The client wanted the building to be adapted for an office for 350 people. Deadlines were limited, and the budget had been defined in advance.

In accordance with the wishes of the customer, we implemented all the necessary security systems using the latest technology:
  • Fingerprint access control system on all floors,
  • turnstiles by fingerprint,
  • exterior and interior video surveillance systems.

We also implemented:
  • musical accompaniment in work areas;
  • systems of direct potable water supply to departments on all floors;
  • systems of sound encouragement of team leaders in the open space;
  • a common TV broadcasting system.
Despite the complete renovation of the building and the introduction of engineering systems in accordance with modern requirements, we were able to maintain the authentic atmosphere of a 100-year-old building. We were able to implement a modern interior and preserve the design concept.