The residential complex "Viktory"
Total area: 54 square meters

We have entered this project at the stage of repair. Done design-project, partitions dismantled, communications displaced (water, sewage)... It seemed that everything goes according to plan.

But the hitch was that after receiving an estimate for repair on an already developed design, the client realized that the budget exceeded his capabilities. Much of what was "drawn" in the picture was very expensive or even impossible to implement.

We undertook to solve this problem. We had only 3 months to correct the mistakes and fully implement the project! During this period we developed a new design project, taking into account the repair work already done, reduced the budget by half and kept the style of the previous designer.

The interior itself is designed in the style of Minimalism: it visually increased the space of the apartment, and the predominance of monochrome gray shades, straight and concise forms "lightened" the interior and made it as comfortable as possible.