Unicum Alliance
Astarta Business Center
General area: 720 square meters

The main task in the implementation of this project was to create maximum number of jobs. But we had to be careful not to lose comfort, practicality, functionality and we had to provide the space with good air exchange. We optimized the layout of all the rooms, based on the needs of the employees.

Astarta Business Centre has been built under the British BREEAM environmental performance evaluation system. This meant that we had to work with additional requirements and norms to adapt the office space, viz:
  • The level of insolation of the room, optimal air and cold performance for work,
  • health and safety regulations,
  • recycling of waste,
  • use of materials according to "green standards".

At the initial stage, the room was in Shell & Core condition.
In a very short time, in just 2.5 months, we were able to fully implement the project in accordance with the client's request and complete the room with furniture. We worked with the client and were very conscious of what we wanted and that is what the successful accomplishment of the project is all about.