Apartment Telman,
HC "Baggoutovsky"
Total area = 50 m²

Developing the design of a small single man's apartment is a quite time-consuming task. Our oriental customer arrives few times a year for work from Seattle to Kiev and usually stays in hotels or apartments. That is why the main request for development of design project in a new building – was to make an interior like in a hotel room.

The task of the design studio INVERSE by Olena Mikheieva's team became creating of ergonomic, comfortable and functional apartment, without luxuries and piles, in a Soft Minimalism style.

Customer wanted an interior in a dark shades made of natural and wear-resistant materials and add some hints of eastern ethnic: "I like to sit on a windowsill, to have tea by the window. And one more thing – lay on the floor an uzbek carpet, to warm my heart!". Such an ensemble of colors, textures and facture, regardless to popular belief, does not mean any gloom or lack of comfort. These prejudices are long gone. The main thing in modern interiors is to choose the combination of dark and light textures, using different factures.
During the development of 3D visualization of the object, we approached the client's expectations as closely as possible, designed it in dark grey tones, diluted with wood, pastel shades in textiles and, among other things – such a desirable Uzbek carpet. Visually, it added comfort and peace to the interior. As the result of our work we obtained seasoned and meanwhile luxurious contemporary interior design in the style of Soft Minimalism.

Table tops, kitchen working area – made of natural stone, on the floor – wear-resistant porcelain stoneware. Instead of boring wallpapers or painted walls, which are more vulnerable to damage, the acrylic MDF panels with soft touch in combination with wood coating were applied. And an important part of cosiness - zoned lighting. It fills the room with space and light, highlighting the smallest details, and the dimmed illumination around the perimeter, made by a ceiling shadow profile, fills it with intimacy and calmness, as if dozens of candles were lit.

The room which contains kitchen and living room turned out a spacious place to have a rest, and dark shades of stone and wall panels gave the room a rich sense of mystery and richness. On a seemingly small area, we were able to organize storage areas and place all the equipment, thanks to the concealed installation.
By the way, the concealed installation allowed us to literally hide "behind the wall" air-conditioners so that they would not bring disharmony into the interior. We made this this thanks to the unpackable facade, which in closed condition visually makes the technique part of the wall. The bedroom, despite the dark tones, is an embodiment of comfort and cosiness, thanks to natural wood panels, a spacious bed and a furnished place by the window, which became both an area for work and relaxation. The high floor and the northern location of the windows allowed us to abandon the curtains and tulle, which helped us escape the visual bunching, improve the insolation and keep a sense of space in the bedroom.

Since the apartment is small, but according to the project turned out to be beautiful and large - all the furniture, even upholstered, is designed for individual manufacture according to the designs of the design studio INVERSE by Olena Mikheieva.