Gulliver Business Center
IT-company Grammarly
Total square area: 1755 square meters
Design project: balbek bureau
Implementation: TEC Engineering general contracting company
Photo: Andrey Bezuglov, Evgeny Avramenko

It was one of the largest projects in Ukraine, which required enormous efforts and difficult technical decisions. It took 9 months to develop the project documentation. And the same amount of time was spent on its implementation.

To understand all the enormity of the project, let us tell you a few numbers! The total weight of all metal structures was more than 37 tons. And the structures were welded and assembled on the 14th floor of the business center. Construction works were carried out 24/7 under full control. Within one day there were more than 70 people at the site.

The highlight of the project was a suspension bridge, which is a symbol of the connection between the offices in San Francisco, New York and Kiev.

The project included seating areas on separate sections of the bridge that were the roofs of the meeting rooms.

The roof for the eating area was the glass covering of the bridge. There was also arranged an additional supply and exhaust ventilation system to ensure a good microclimate.

Central stage and a place for conferences and events was equipped. It was designed in the form of an atrium zone.

The realization of the idea of the open space zone has surpassed our expectations: the spherical shape enclosed by continuous glass construction from floor to roof will surprise even experienced interior designers and owners of large office spaces.

We also equipped such narrow spaces:
  • The shoe drying room was equipped with the necessary ventilation and heating
  • a room for guitar and percussionists with improved soundproofing
  • nap rooms for rest and sleep with free/occupied indication
  • large eating area with catering service
  • 2-bed phone booths for phone calls and one-on-one conversations.
This project was thought out to the smallest detail and implemented at the highest level. All the customer's needs and peculiarities of the design project were taken into account.

To implement this project we provided nearly the whole range of project management services: organization of works, delivery of finishing and finishing materials, lighting, financing schedules, coordination of all contractors, solution of numerous technical and regulatory issues regarding labor safety and fire protection systems.

At the end of the project we had an excellent result. And the implementation of this project became a calling card for me and the team.