Bacardi-Martini Ukraine
Carnegie Business Center
Total area: 450 square meters
Design project: Alexander Remizovsky.
Implementation: TRK Engineering general contracting company.

In our work we always try to move away from the ordinary and simple solutions. And implementation of this design project has opened the door to new opportunities: the introduction of interesting solutions and ideas.

The client's desire, during the development of planning decisions, was to organize a functional bar in the office space for regular staff training and tasting of new products.

Work on this project was accompanied by a number of non-standard solutions for the office: it was necessary to equip the bar station with a comfortable microclimate and properly adapt the engineering systems.

At the same time, when decorating the space it was necessary to maximize its functionality and expand the free zone. This effect we decided to achieve with the sliding partitions. They divide the room into two independent functional zones: a meeting room and a bar or an auditorium for public events.
This project was very challenging: the room had to be ventilated, completely air conditioned, and the problem of hot water supply solved. To this end, a number of actions were taken to develop and coordinate design solutions with the operating company of the business center.

As a result, the client received a functional, stylish and comfortable office, which was recognized as the best office space of the week in Kiev in 2015.

And we were once again convinced that complex and non-standard projects give much more professional growth.