Pita Kyiv
Velyka Vasilkivs'ka st. 111/113
Total area: 97 m2

The design project of the Pita Kyiv, in one of the busiest places in the center of Kyiv, we made bold, cozy and at the same time conservative. The interior of Pita should make our visitor come, feel the taste of Israeli cuisine and life in general, get into entourage and leave to return later again" - this is how our customer wanted to see the public catering before the INVERSE team began its work. In general, the aim was to create not only a picturesque and modern interior design in the style of Grunge, but also a room where traditions and modernity come together,where an atmosphere of maturity and naturalness of texture would be combined. That is why, during the development phase of 3D visualization we suggested to the client to choose specific materials for interior - concrete, wood, metal, leather and living plants.

Perhaps, the thing we should have started with is that we had to make the dilapidated and half destroyed post-war building with crooked walls and ceilings a pleasant and cosy 30-seats place, where you would like to eat, and furthermore, to stay for a while with friends.
We were supposed to have this kind of design solution, where everyone could find their favourite place. We have achieved this through a variety of furniture solutions, zoned lighting, as well as neon intricating phrases, which can be read only in the mirror reflection, as in the famous novel "Alice Through the Looking-Glass". It became an original photo zone. The first thing that catches the eye from the entrance – is a bar-stand made of natural solid wood in the form of huge bars with a burned-out logo of the place, which symbolizes a hot, fresh from the oven, pita. Warm domestic light oozing from two bars suspended to the ceiling. A light source of various shapes and materials has been
designed above each table. Some quick-snack seats are illuminated by metal lamps made according to individual drawings, others are glass hanging lights, and above the tables for companies - we have designed lamps made of architectural concrete. The main illumination are ceiling surface mounted track light systems. All this is complemented by soft heat lighting in the bar counter area.

An unusual solution of wall decoration was the doors of a real metal container, between which "naked" and textural bricks are painted in velvet-green colour. All this metal comes alive, as if the greens break through it. This furnishing creates anatmosphere of comfort and comfort.
The INVERSE Interior Design Studio team knows for sure, that the modern design of any room must be perfectly balanced, as the link between man and nature. Landscaping became an integral part of the design of Pita Kyiv. Not only the walls and the bar counter are covered in greenery, but the window niche has been lightened with wild plants. So these seats became especially popular - it is nice to sit by the window, gazing on the natural landscape of the city through the greenery.

Especially attention-grabbing is the huge mural, which depicts a typical picturesque Israeli old man in the pop art style. Yes, that interesting combination frustrates, but it is creative and tasteful, wouldn't you agree? He's looking slyly and contentedly, looks like he knows all the secrets of making a delicious pita. So, with this nontrivial mural we wanted to show the idea that national Israeli cuisine is passed down from generation to generation.
Visitors can see the cooking process through a glass, along which seating are provided. It is significant that the kitchen space is ergonomic and organized competently, with all necessary processes. There can work 10 masters at the same time, therefore not only the technology of preparation is observed, but also the speed of serving.

The INVERSE Design and Design Management Studio Designer's Supervision includes control of the implementation of furniture products according to individually designed drawings, decoration, as well as lighting, surface finishing and complete set of facilities for the object